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Alternativní včelí stát
11.12.2016, 02:05 PM (Tento příspěvek byl naposledy změněn: 11.12.2016 09:55 PM od Borówka.)
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RE: Alternativní včelí stát

I didn't find post to say hello that's why I am writing here.
I'm treatment free beekeeper from Poland. For now I have 12 alive hives apiary, Varoa Apiary.
J'm treatment free beekeeper from the beginning since 2014. I lost all my 7 hives first winter. In 2015 I started again with 6 hives.
Winter losses 2015/2016: 2 hives from 5. 2016 season expansion to 12 hives. All naturally cross local bees. For now 100% alive. Smile

Generally mostly hands-off TF beekeeping. I catch one my swarm. From two colony I was taken from one split.
All honey for bees for now. I took generally from dead colonies. Wink Maybe I will take in the spring if they have more honey after winter.
I respect all 4 steps to natural beekeeping writing by Michael Bush plus some of my ideas. No foundation, wintering on honey, catch swarming if I could, no antiswarming manipulation, minimizing manipulation in hive, only naturally crosssing between bees. Natural selection.

Generally I have locally naturally crossed bees with Apis Mellifera Mellifera and Apis Mellifera Carnica genes in some part.

This is my Youtube page:

Are they some treatment free beekeepers on this forum?

Mr. Leos Dvorsky I heard that You are partly TF Beekeeper. Unfortunately I don't know czech language so I can't understand very well. But I saw that You use acid treatment on bees. Am I right?

Greeting from Poland
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12.12.2016, 06:57 PM (Tento příspěvek byl naposledy změněn: 12.12.2016 06:58 PM od Leoš Dvorský.)
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RE: Alternativní včelí stát
Hi dear,
answer to your question regarding acid: I am using acid only for hives witch they need in certain time, and certain hives,for example: one hives from
50 (fifty)....
My best hives I have are wit-out treatment third generation, means 9-10 years My bees mothers and drone are only from non-treed hives.
Monitoring my bees is according scale of bad bees and then the non-acceptable throwing away. Because of this, I preventing migration "varroa destructor" /V.d./ around.
This is what we all are doing in ours bees organization.
What is most important in my judgment is resistance of bees on " Nosema ceranae", "nosema apis and vires. With V.d. is not have always
Tests for survive is definite. I have my round of bees about 5 km, and i use evening for grossing matters and drones.
I hope that this will give you some idea of my philosophy.

Best regards Leos

Please if you wish, you can communicate in Polish language throw may freed V. Sciskala sciskala@vastoil.cz

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17.11.2017, 12:38 PM (Tento příspěvek byl naposledy změněn: 17.11.2017 12:39 PM od Borówka.)
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RE: Alternativní včelí stát
Thank You Mr. Leos Dvorsky for explaining this. Smile
Dziekuje Panie Leos Dvorsky za wyjasnienia.

If I have more question I will write e-mail, like You wrote.
Jak bede mial jakies pytania dodatkowo to bede pisał na e-maila.

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